What’s your Favourite Programming Language? (sound check Q) – Computerphile

For the past year, we’ve been asking this as a sound-check question. Here are the results!

Professor Graham Hutton (Haskell)
Joseph Best (BBC Basic)
David CX (Java / Python)
Lorraine Underwood (PHP)
Rob Miles (Python)
Charles Arthur (Python)
Sarah Spencer (Javascript)
Matt Denton (C)
Matt Lloyd (C/Python/PHP)
Ian Dickinson (C)
Tom Sheridan (Python)
Spencer Owen (Forth)
Rob Morley (PHP)
Professor Brian Kernighan (C/AWK/Python)
Rebecca Tickle (Javascript)
Dr Robert Smith (Common Lisp)
Aaron Jackson (Lisp / Matlab)
Professor David Brailsford (C)
Kate Green (HTML LOL)
Dr Steve Bagley (6502 Assembler)
Dr Max Wilson (Javascript)
Jason Fitzpatrick (Basic)
Professor Ross Anderson (Exim / Python)
Adrian Marinescu (Matlab)
Matt Phillips (68000 Assembler)
Dr Mike Pound (C#)
Professor Phil Moriarty (LabView)

This video was filmed and edited by Sean Riley.

Computer Science at the University of Nottingham:

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