The First Meeting of EDUtubers! ft. CGPGrey, Vsauce, Smarter Every Day, Numberphile +more

Back in 2012, we all met for the first time at BrainSTEM – a conference of science YouTubers, instigated by Henry of MinutePhysics (Thank You Henry!!!) bringing together the most awesome STEM personalities from around the world. People like Vsauce, John Green, Vihart, Destin from Smarter Every Day, CGP Grey, Brady Haran of Numberphile et al. I had an awesome three days hanging out with all the cool people in this video and hopefully this is only the start of many fruitful collaborations to come. Thanks everyone!!!

Now this happens to be video 100 for me. It’s not really about science, but I think it’s pretty awesome because it features all of my YouTube heroes.

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