Fact-Checking this Viral Bottle Trick

Breaking the bottom out of a glass bottle by hitting the top is a challenging trick, but involves a ton of physics. The explanation is related to cavitation – a process seen in the Mantis Shrimp attack, head injuries and pouring honey!

Creator/Host/Writer: Dianna Cowern
Editor/Videographer: Levi Butner
Research/Writer: A.J. Fillo
Research: Meredith Fore
Slow Motion Cinematography: Darren Dyk
Thanks to Ed Ivory, Hope Butner and Kyle Kitzmiller

Instructional YouTube Video Guy:
Cancer treatment:

Tuned ultrasound selectively disrupts the structure of cancer cells

Mantis shrimp footage: Maya Devris and YouTube/Deep Look
Shark Footage: Jan Acosta 2010
Propeller footage and animation created and owned by
IET Institute for Energy Technology,
University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil
Bullet Footage provided by DSG technology

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