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OTHER Land Effect example images:
http://bit.ly/W2fNbT and http://bit.ly/UmNQxC

United Nuclear: http://bit.ly/47isAD

Totally rad jet bike: http://bit.ly/TwOWIl

Mathsgear: http://bit.ly/sWLspD

Grand-illusions: http://bit.ly/Lgz4y

LAND EFFECT IMAGE: http://bit.ly/rglguh

Color Constancy: http://bit.ly/aEgpMH

Another good color constancy site: http://bit.ly/Ub0xPQ

Other illusion: http://bit.ly/1a4eXm

Shape of raindrops: http://1.usa.gov/GTbrfr

How many raindrops have fallen? http://bit.ly/UIpFvF

Stolen Moon rocks WIKI ARTICLE (very interesting): http://bit.ly/tPqBbi

Book about the couple who stole moon rocks: http://amzn.to/12YuWSH

Moon dust paintings: http://bit.ly/JwujQ

Watch me in an emotistyle haul video (I am very fashionable /sarcasm): http://bit.ly/TwPX30

sideview generator: http://bit.ly/1xHDRP

census dots: http://bit.ly/YJRhTM

searchable calvin and hobbes: http://bit.ly/24gVNL

Science Mnemonics: http://bit.ly/a2YgpG

Kaniza Square: http://bit.ly/XiYo5z

magnifying glass optical illusion (choose the perception track): http://bit.ly/l8hhyN

scale of the solar system website: http://bit.ly/HUBgRj

Another good solar system scale site: http://bit.ly/4p0bVO

emergencycompliemnt: http://bit.ly/PGHfiW

geosketch: http://bit.ly/X0R6PX

gravity: http://bit.ly/bCAS3C

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