Vsauce Creative Showcase — YOUR BiDiPi #1

Vsauce User Submissions For BiDiPi #19: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKayI0ux0Yk

Your BiDiPi (In Order Of Appearance)

Super Mario Clay World 4 by Whatsit5

“Beautiful Discord” – Voxel

Secret Agent Stick by Leif Timmermans

Pokeball Art by VietBeasting

Zombie Bunny by Jenny

Playing War by abbe2VFX

Star Wars Siege Of Hydra Base Part 1 by MovieHunter1888

Illumination Of A Disaster by DJ Ozicks

Armored Dragon Head Drawing by KvalheimBoyz

Sonne Meets Kraut by Scavenger4711

Claymation: A Monster’s Worst Nightmare by FloatingEndlessly

Surrealistic Fairy Tale 2 by 05AquariusNova

Minute – Short Film by Brunsworth

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – Snake and The Boss Recollection

Pneumatic – Rytox’s Theme

Along Came A Sandwich by Anthony and Jazmin

Clay Man Vs. Chair by MrClayBrain

Wild Adventures: The Blocking Dead by Vince and Steve

Lights Camera Fail – Short Film by PiKalolz

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