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I finally found a useful monorail.

The Doppelmayr Garaventa Monorack is a decades-old product. I’ve no idea how I missed it before. But for the third video in the Monorail Trilogy, this isn’t an advert: I’m just happy to be proved wrong. ▪ More about the Monorack:

Previously, Wuppertal in 2016: (I’m not proud of this video — the Tim Traveller has done a much better video on the system here, and you should probably watch that instead: )

And the Roadmachines monorail in 2020:

(Thanks also to Grotto de Peo in Ronco sopra Ascona. If you’re ever in the area, their food is delicious.)

Camera: Alicja Pahl
Producer: Sebastian Capeda at Viven

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