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When you lose, but come out ahead | Billy Cleary | TEDxWasedaU

Have you ever felt under stress or isolated? The recent pandemic has led many to lose their sense of control. What can you do to guide yourself back on track? Billy Cleary, a clinical director at TELL Japan, speaks about the importance of connecting yourself and others through his own personal experiences. Is knowing about mental health enough? How can you discover ways to seek help? How can you play a role in offering help?

コロナ禍で生活が一変し、あなたは不安や孤独を感じることはありませんか?コロナ期ではこのように感じる方々が特に多いのが現状です。あなたは そのような時、どうやってそのような不安を解消しますか? 
本イベントでは不安に満ちた時代にこそどのようにメンタルヘルスと向き合うべきかのヒントを教えて下さる、ビリー・クリアリー様をお招き致します。在日外国人に向けた心理カウンセリングを提供するTELL Japanのカウンセラーとして人ととのつながりを築くことの重要性をお話しいただきます。
Billy has lived in Japan for over a decade and resides in West Tokyo with his wife and son. Billy serves as the Clinical Director of the largest International mental health agency in Japan, TELL. He received his clinical license and training in Chicago, Illinois and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Billy’s focus in his work and life is to engage in a collaborative discovery of improving one’s self and the systems around him that cause people to change and thrive. His focus at TELL is to build upon its mission to support the international and Japanese community of individuals and families to help restore relationships. Billy finds himself wrestling with his son on the weekends, enjoying a lively discussion with his wife, yet, not all before stealing a couple quiet hours away in the morning for a freshly made cup of pour-over coffee. When he gets around to it, you may find him taking a trail up one of the many diverse mountains throughout Japan. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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