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We Should Let Some Wildfires Burn

In the last few years, wildfires have been getting worse – and, oddly, it’s because humans have been preventing them. From a helicopter above the forests of British Columbia, and from the Tree Ring Lab at UBC, let’s talk about how we should just let some wildfires burn.

Thanks to Bradley Friesen! He’s about to properly launch his channel ‘Destruction by Gravity’:

and Mister Bentley the Dog is on Instagram:

Thanks to Dr Lori Daniels at the University of British Columbia! Her recent research into wildfires includes:

Chavardes, R.D., L.D. Daniels, Z. Gedalof, D.W. Andison. (2018). Human influences superseded climate to disrupt the 20th century fire regime in Jasper National Park, Canada. Dendrochronologia 48:10-19.

and this op-ed in the Globe and Mail:

Thanks to the BC Wildlife Service for letting me use their photos:

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