Let’s Play With Matches #shorts

With just 8 matches (or pens or q-tips or anything straight), you can tie up your mind for hours, days, or WEEKS. The idea is to develop a basic understanding of graph theory, which focuses on the relationships between things — and you can express those relationships visually. Each match consists of three parts: a ‘node’ on either end, and the line that connects them. There’s only 1 solution for a graph of 1 match… it just lays there. 2 matches? Also just 1 solution, two matches that form an angle (putting them end to end to form one line with a shared node in the middle is technically a solution, too).

The goal here is to keep making unique arrangements with increasing numbers of matches. By the time you’re using 8 matches, you’ll have over 200 possible ways to combine them to form a unique pattern of nodes and lines.

#education #vsauce #maths

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