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Cold Wars, Cruise Ships, and the Northwest Passage

There are a few communities, up in northern Canada, with a dark history and a worrying future. Resolute is one of them, sat at the east of the once-legendary Northwest Passage. In a few years, it might be a tourist destination. Here’s why. [Pull down the description!]

Context and history:
Broken Promises, the stories of those moved:
The Canadian government’s apology, years later:

Thanks to Kataisee Attagutsiak (ᑲᑕᐃᓯ ᐊᑕᒍᑦᓯᐊᖅ) for proofreading this script: I hope I’ve provided enough context there.

Over on the Park Bench, I’m telling more stories from behind-the-scenes, and there’s a brilliant final one coming up soon:

I’m here because of Chris Hadfield’s Generator Arctic – go check out everyone else who was on the trip, and have a look at tickets for their show at Massey Hall, Toronto, on November 12th!

Also on the voyage:

Ben Brown – – who’s been putting out daily vlogs of his experiences!

TimToTheWild, who’s putting together beautiful footage:

Elmo Keep is writing about the people we met:

Norm and Joey from Tested, who’ll put together videos from inside the ship!

PLUS: These folks took incredible photos:
Vivienne Gucwa:
Paul Colangelo:
Simone Bramante:

AND: writing an album on board, singer-songwriter Danny Michel:

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